About Us

Laney's 3 girls

My name is Tabby Thompson. ClasSea was established in 2005 when I fell in love with my foundation female OreoBay Livin' On Easy Street - "Laney". My family is made up of my husband Justin, two sons Mike and Travis.  In 2014, the boys moved out.  Now I spend my time training the dogs.  I guess I am just not ready to slow down.  The dogs and I attend many dog shows and are going to Joshica's Planet Canine for training throughout the year.

I grew up in the country and always had lots of dogs and cats that people would just dump by our house. Many were injured or very ill.  Learning at a young age the responsibility of having animals in my care, I decided I would get a dog once my life settled. I have always had some kind of animal at all times. The unconditional love pets give is something I just can't live with out.  One dog touched me so much it started my learning of why dogs get hip dysplasia.  I will never forget Ms. Maggie!  Thus my education in dogs began while my boys were young and before I ever decided to breed my first litter. 

The clincher for me in my love-affair with Portuguese water dogs started the day my sister-n-law Candace asked my family to go with her to check on the puppies at her mom's house. There was Dixie a beautiful Portuguese Water Dog who sat devotedly by 8 adorable puppies. So begins our life's adventures with this breed. 

I brought home my foundation girl "Laney" in December 2005. She is one of the most wonderful dogs I have ever had the good fortune to own. We are partners in everything.

My main aim for this site is to share stories, photos, show experiences, training, and many other things.